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Mai Mai 2 Beauty Salon

Mai Mai 2 Beauty Salon

Maimai is proud to serve Ottawa since 1997. Situated in the heart of Ottawa Chinatown district, the location provides easy access and convenience for customers. At Maimai, we have three dedicated stylists which focus their skills to one goal that is your hair must suit you best. We specialize in men hair, women hair, wedding, and perm. We have sample albums, which contain pictures of loyal customers to Maimai for many years, from the past to present. Please check out the albums and select a style that suits your need. Your visit is a pleasure to us. Walk-in customers are welcomed, however to make sure your visit fits your schedule, please call in to book for an appointment. This will guarantee that you will get serve upon your arrival. Maimai thank you for your time, trust and the opportunity you have given us to make you look the best that you can be.



822 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6R5


Phone (613) 233-9100