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2022 Chinatown Multicultural Artwork Contest

Ottawa Somerset Street Chinatown Business Improvement Area (Chinatown BIA), partnering with Zichan International Arts School (ZIAS), is launching an exciting fine art collection event among juvenile and adult artists.

We welcome young artists, their parents and art lovers of all backgrounds to participate in this event, the theme of which is “Cultural Inclusiveness, Racial Equality, Humanity”. The goal of this event is to advocate the understanding, acknowledgement and appreciation of the rich cultural heritages from various peoples among our community members including our younger generations.

The submitted artwork will resonate with the theme of this event. While there will be a focus on Asian cultural heritages, we are eager to receive artwork that showcases the rich and colourful cultures that make Canada the multicultural society that we live in, including cultural symbols of the indigenous people.

Please include a short bio of the artist and your creative train of thought when submitting your work. The selected artwork will have the opportunity to be used in street beautification projects in Ottawa Chinatown. All submitted artwork will be virtually exhibited on an online gallery hosted by the event organizer’s website with credit to the artists.

All participating artists will receive a digital certificate of participation, in the event that the participating artist is a high school student, the organizer will help filling out the volunteering form so that the time spent on the creation will be counted towards their social services hours at school.

The selected artwork will be further rewarded with certificates of honor and award medals.


Further Information:

Sponsor:                                          Somerset Street Chinatown BIA

Organizer:                                        Zichan International Arts School

Partners:                                          Ottawa Art School

                                                         Art Flow Gallery

                                                         Ottawa Art Gallery (t.b.c.)

Registration:                                    Free

Size of artwork:                               Not specified

Ratio of artwork:                             1:1.5 or 1:3 (landscape)

Form of submission:                       You can create on paper or computer. However please submit a digital copy of your completed artwork.

Number of submission:                  Each participant can submit up to three pieces of artwork

Submission path:                            Please upload scanned copy of your on-paper work piece or your digital creation                                                                                                                                    here.

                                                           If it is not possible for you to scan your on-paper work piece, please mail your completed artwork to: 228 Hunt Club Rd                                                                 #203, Ottawa, ON K1V 1C1. Email: Please include your name, email, bio and creative train of                                                                         thought in the mail.

Submission deadline:                      March 8, 2022

Contact:                                            Ms. Yang, Zichan International Arts School

Copyright and plagiarism:              All submitted artwork must be original content, and must not wholly or partially plagiarize other people’s work.

                                                         The submitting artist will have the copyright of their work, and will grant Ottawa Chinatown BIA the right of using their                   artwork free of charge and without limitations.